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Flo-Master XP2e! Greaterflow rates with overall energy efficiency

Flo-Master XP2e reinforced plastic pumps

Aqua-Flo by Gecko is the leading brand of pumps recognized by the Leisure Water Industry since 1971. Although Aqua-Flo is no longer ISO certified, Gecko Alliance continues to maintain the quality systems established as an ISO company.

Gecko Alliance is required to maintain quality systems in accordance with the highest international standard for design and manufacturing excellence, our export pumps have CE and TUV certification, guaranteeing product performance for you and your customers. Aqua-Flo's team of experts work closely with spa manufacturers to match the pump model variations with each spa design. As a result, your customers will enjoy maximum relaxation and energy efficiency.

XP2e models
XP2e capacity in gallons CE UL RU