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innovative spa pack platform


The perfect control system for entry level spas. In.xe combines Aeware by Gecko's in.pac series breakthrough features and signature design with a heat.wav integrated heater in optimal price/performance configurations for typical entry level spas (dual pumps, dual pumps & blower, single pump or single pump & blower with key accessories).


The perfect system for entry level spas

with Aeware by Gecko's breakthrough features and signature design
Available simultaneously in UL and CE versions, in.xe is the newest addition to the best and most advanced spa systems and accessories in the spa and hot tub industry. Our new and innovative in.xe spa pack platform is really compelling.
In.xe's design focuses on features and functions that appeal to every player in the industry, from the spa manufacturer decision maker to the end user. Built to take full advantage of Aeware by Gecko's advanced electronics, in.xe caters to reason as well as emotions, conveying a definite statement of reliability, safety and ease-of-use.
Like in.xm, its bigger brother, in.xe is sturdy, compact and thin. Its small footprint makes it a perfect fit in any crowded spa equipment compartment. Its dimensions respond to industry expectations for packs designed for entry-level spas and hot tubs. It can be installed on the floor with a bracket securing its position or be wall-mounted.

Optimal price/performance configurations for spas

with single or dual pumps, blower and key accessories
In.xe offers a full range of popular configurations and can power spas equipped with a single or dual pumps, a blower, a circulation pump, an ozone generator, a mood light and a heat.wav heater. It can also command peripheral accessories through its communication link connector.
  • 2 output connectors for pumps
  • 2 connectors for relay controlled outputs: ozonator, circulation pump or blower
  • 1 connector for direct 120/240 output (in.power.210)
  • 1 connector for main keypad
  • 1 communication link connector (in.watch or in.stik)
  • 1 connector for 12v light (coolrays)
  • Integrated heat.wav heater
  • in.k200 main keypad
    LED display, 4 keys, 7 function light indicators
  • in.k19 main keypad
    LED display, 4 keys, 7 function icons
  • in.k35 main keypad
    LED display, 6 keys, 8 function icons
  • in.k450 main keypad
    LCD display, 6 keys, 10 function icons
  • also compatible with irmt-4 and irmt-3 remote controls