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compact keypad for in.xe spa systems


The in.k200 interface has been designed to be easy to use and master. It works perfectly in smaller spas equipped with one or two pumps. Its three digits, 7 segment display, 4 keys and 7 light indicators make it a solution that is both inclusive and affordable.


Compact keypad for in.xe spa systems

that gives complete control to wet fingers!

Spa users will find it really intuitive. No need for thick manuals with instructions difficult to understand, simple presses on labelled keys will command pumps, blower and light.

Function light indicators will light up or flash to tell users which equipment is running and at what speed or which safety or self-cleaning program is active. Built-in timers will automatically shut equipment off after a certain amount of time unless a user has manually turned them off himself.

Setting the desired water temperature is as easy as pressing on the Up/Down key. Simple programming sequences will let users decide when and for how long filter and purge cycles will be in function.

In.xe spa systems, through any of their main keypad models, contribute to the feeling of comfort and enjoyment a spa will provide to its users and guarantee a consistent, complete and satisfying experience day after day.

Easy to install, the in.k200 comes with an in.link connector.


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