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ingenious output and input plugs and connectors


In.link cables are very cool output and input plugs and connectors that come with colored and tagged polarizers.


Very cool output and input plugs and connectors

with colored and tagged polarizers
Totally waterproof, they are designed to be easily configured and to ensure that all cables of equipment used to make a spa or an hot tub work properly are well connected at their intended connection port, eliminating any risk of mis-wiring.
In.link connectors are available in 3 different families: high current (HC, up to 20A) for pumps and heater, low current (LC up to 10A) for blowers, ozonators, circ. pumps, fiber boxes, etc., and low voltage for keypads and other accessories.
In.link's polarizers also have the definite advantage of reducing SKU numbers and inventory levels by giving OEMs and dealers total flexibility to easily configure output devices, reducing, at the same time, their cable inventory levels.