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A new, improved method of installing the in.clear

We have created a stand that simplifies mounting an in.clear bromine system under a spa.

The stand can be used for floor mounting and for wall mounting. This is a great way to hold the in.clear in place and makes the product look professional when its installed.

The stand is compatible with the in.clear and in.therm unit simply by reversing the top clamp.

The stand includes the required screws to mount the device to the stand. The mounting screws to attach the stand to the spa are not included.

In.clear installation with stand

The following material is recommended:

4- # 10 screws of appropriate length with round, truss or pan head.

4- washers 1/2 OD x 1/16” thickness (12 mm OD x 1,5 mm).

Select the most appropriate location for in.clear and firmly attach each stand to wooden base with (2) screws backed by (2) washers.


Floor and side mounting